Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Two things matter today more than ever, Marketing and Pricing. 

Get it right and you win, get it wrong and it could cost you thousands.

Making decisions based solely on zillow, realtor and other online valuation sites could cost you serious cash. Picking the wrong agent is worse, we market your home using a professional real estate marketing firm and have a proven strategy for pricing in today's market.

How Much is My Home Worth?

If you’re serious about selling, you can’t rely on online calculators to estimate your home’s value. Your home’s value is influenced by recent sales activity, the competition it will face in attracting buyers, the home’s condition, and the marketing strategy it will use to build up demand.

Without a real assessment, your home could sell well under its potential value… leaving you with less equity to save or invest. The only way to get an accurate assessment of your home’s value is to have a licensed real estate professional 1) evaluate the condition of your home, 2) analyze its potential against the competition, and 3) create a custom marketing plan to attract buyers.


Our Method for Assessing Home Values

First, we research local market info by previewing similar or competing homes on the market. These homes are what buyers are using to gauge what they are getting for their money. Home sales data only provides one dimension of potential value. Having knowledge of what’s on the market, what homes are going under contract for, what they are selling for is key to getting a real assessment.

The next step is to analyze your home in person. When we assess your home’s value, we look at the Location, Architecture, Interior Structure, Outside Areas, and the Overall Condition of your home. These factors are weighed against the competing inventory buyers are previewing as they search for homes.

These factors are what buyers will both consciously and unconsciously consider when ranking and valuing what a home is worth to them. Remember, a home’s true value, regardless of assessment, is the price an able buyer is willing to pay.


What We Consider in Assessing 

Home Values

When it comes to your home’s value, we look at and assess these core data points:

  • The location or neighborhood is more desirable than similar homes on the market.
  • How schools, lifestyle features, and neighborhood affect demand.
  • The architecture and exterior structure is consistent, superior or inferior to other homes in area.
  • The era or genre (Modern, Victorian, Ranch, Cottage, etc.) add a premium based on current design trends.
  • How the floor plan and room size proportions of the home compare to other homes on the market.
  • How the Kitchen compares to others on the market (updated or outdated, floor plan, appliance packages).
  • How the Master Suite compares to others on the market (size, first/second floor, updated or outdated, etc).
  • How the Master Bath compares to others on the market (updated or outdated, shower and bath, flooring).
  • How views, outdoor living areas, or recreational areas affect value (pools, ponds, patios, etc.).
  • How the landscaping and hardscaping compare to the market.
  • Repairs or maintenance are needed to compete with other homes.
  • Curb appeal projects are necessary to be consistent with others on the market.
  • How the condition of the home is compared to similar homes on the market.


Pricing Strategy

Once we’ve established your home’s value, we create a customized pricing strategy to attract the right offers. A common mistake is to price the home well above market value. A sure-tell sign a home is overpriced are few or no showings. Buyers are rejecting the price of the home.

Typically, an overpriced home will sit on the market for a while and then the seller will drop the price. Once the market senses the weakness, you can expect low offers, with buyers not trusting the assessment of the home’s value.

When you price your home “in the market” you will generate a lot of interest. Buyers’ interest translates into demand, which can lead to lots of showings and, hopefully, multiple offers.


Marketing Plan for Your Home

When it comes to finding potential buyers for a home, there are critical steps that must be taken before you list it for sale… steps that determine whether or not your property will be discovered by buyers searching for homes.

Unfortunately, most agents upload poorly taken photos into the Multiple Listings Services and hope the price or the market sells the home. This is where we really stand out against other agents that use cell phone photos and amateur photographers to save cost.

As part of our Property Marketing Plan, we use a “go to market” sequence to make sure your property can be found online and receives as much engagement as possible. These steps include using Hommati, a professional Real Estate Marketing firm to create dynamic visual content including, HDR Photography, Aerial Video, Floor plans with dimensions, a 3D Tour that allows buyers to do a virtual walkthrough of your home, and a video slideshow. All of this content is used to generate traffic and keep interested buyers looking at your property.  In addition we market your property on social media, driving online traffic using Facebook and Google Ads. We target all the right home search sites for maximum exposure. As a result, your home is seen by the tens of thousands of people searching for homes online. We use our 3D Tours to host a 24/7 Virtual Open House which helps reduce the amount of people walking through you home. This keeps the disruption of showings to a minimum and provides peace of mind, less stress and added health & safety benefits to you and your family.

Our 24/7 virtual open house is the best way to showcase your home, but there’s a more important reason to use them.  95% of buyers start their home search on the internet. Studies show there’s a direct correlation between how long buyers spend viewing a listing and whether they actually convert into an inquiry.

  • On average, buyers spend 3 minutes and 38 seconds in the 3D tour.  This is three times longer exploring your home online.
  • On average, aerial videos add another minute and 10 seconds to your home, further building a connection and increasing inquiries.
  • Buyers love floor plans.  They may even start laying out how they’re going to place their furniture.  This begins creating an emotional investment and that’s when offers come in.

Finally, we use our advanced knowledge of SEO, PPC, and social media (all online marketing technologies), as well as an advertising budget  to get your home found online. Our dynamic visual content attracts and engages buyers resulting in more  potential offers and higher selling prices.


Thinking of Selling?

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